Welcome to the American Christian Caucus

Thank you for joining the fight to defend the Cross of Christ and our Christian way of life.  We Christians are under attack and need to pool our resources to respond to whatever attack occurs.

American Christian Caucus (ACC) is a political Christian Caucus, originally formed of County Committee members.

Our members’ duty is to be the first line of filter or vetting of candidates based on Christian values.  We use our Christian values as our guide to pick, promote, introduce and encourage political candidates.  We help them get elected into an official position.

Our members’ duty is to block candidates from obtaining any official position that have anti-Christian views or beliefs.

All members of ACC have a duty to encourage people with Christian values to become County Committee.  We will help ensure that all vacancies and non-active members will be filled with those that share our Christian values.

All members of ACC are charged to encourage party officials as well as retired politicians, Christian intellectuals, activists, strategists, financiers, teachers, veterans, think tanks and any others that support our Christian values to become members of the ACC.

All members of ACC have a duty to keep its membership informed and briefed on any and all Anti-Christian challenges, threats and dangers to our American Christian family values.