Egypt church application triggers attack

As we have reported here before, that Egyptian Government continually fails to protect Coptic citizens. This is the way of the evil islamic sharia law.
If you are an un-believer you’re a second class citizen with no rights. The police are muslim and would not stop the mulism men from rioting against the Coptic Church and homes. Then the muslim judges rule against the Coptic men and women. Regardless of the sping that the Egyptian Government puts on their outreach, they do not protect the Coptic neighborhoods from this mob rule.  This is part of the continuing purge of the remains of the Coptic Religion, the religion of ancient times. Before the so called enlightened muslim (sic) faith.

This is another reason that the United States should stop ALL migration of the muslim into the west.  Take the position of the Japensese and do not allow them to build mosques or even bring korans.

Egypt’s Prime Minister Sherif Ismail has called for the process of legalising unlicensed churches to be “speeded up” after granting a second batch of church buildings official status this week. The government has legalised 219 churches and church-affiliated buildings this year, but 3,511 others remain on the waiting list. The […]

Source: Egypt church application triggers attack – World Watch Monitor

Robert Spencer video: Holy Cross teaches Christian students to be ashamed of defending Christianity

We who have chosen to defend our faith must comment on these actions by our institutions. The fact that a Christian College would teach such nonesense tells all about where the influence of the Mulim Botherhood has landed. Speak out about this or rollover, the choice is yours. I choose to speak out and defend my Lord and Savior and His Cross!

In this new video, I discuss the recent decision of the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts to drop its Crusader mascot so as to avoid “Islamophobia.”

Source: Robert Spencer video: Holy Cross teaches Christian students to be ashamed of defending Christianity

Iraqi Christian HRC on Twitter

Anti-‘Christian Privilege’ Activism in Academia

As Christians we must start to push back against the continuing “creeping sharia” and bigoted anti-christian rhetoric. We must inspire our faith filled friends to freely share their faith. We are under attack in the West and throughout the world. We may describe this attack as prophesy of the Old Testament or even the Coming Revelation as described in the so named book of the New Testament. Either way, we must pray and resist the tyranny that is hijacking our faith. If it be God’s Will then so be it. But as we know, Faith without Works is DEAD!

At “Christian” colleges too.

Source: Anti-‘Christian Privilege’ Activism in Academia