MSM: Christian Prayers Along Polish Border a ‘Problematic Expression of Islamophobia’

Here we have a great celebration of our faith, reported by the MSM, the presstitutes for the leftistas, as islamophobia. This commemoration of the great victory at Lepanto needs to be shared with all people.  This victory allowed the world to be as it is today.  Meanwhile we have a new attempt to change the world through terrorism and evil death and we are guided by political correctness instead of common sense.  Continue to share and awaken more and more friends and neighbors so that we can continue the course of freedom from islamic oppression that God has truly rewarded the world.

Pope Pius V (later Saint Pius V) interpreted the event as the movement of Providence in favor of the Church and European civilization. He had no qualms in the assertion that the triumph properly belonged to the Mother of God and that in the midst of the rancor of battle, her intercession had moved the “Holy League” to victory.

Reporting on the “Rosary on the Borders” prayer campaign in Poland, the AP suggested that the event smacked of “a problematic expression of Islamophobia.”

Source: MSM: Christian Prayers Along Polish Border a ‘Problematic Expression of Islamophobia’

Tariq Ramadan and Harvey Weinstein: Brothers Under the Skin

The academics are infiltrated by the taqiyya teaching of these scoundrels.
The universities are so dependant on Arabic money that they create without batting an eye, professorships and departments of study. Meanwhile they teach the rhetoric of a “peaceful Islam” and warp the minds of the young students.  Creating an illusion of assimilation that is really taqiyya.

Source: Tariq Ramadan and Harvey Weinstein: Brothers Under the Skin

Erdogan seizes 50 churches and monasteries, declares them Turkish state property

This is a direct result of the caliphate, so declared by the “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothes”.  Turkey, by virtue of its location has been allowed into NATO. While I do not see the relationship to the North Atlantic region, it becomes obvious that the reason is strategic.  Anyone whom believes the spin that their can be any Muslim-Christian relationship, should awaken to the facts of history, The real history, not the washed history that removes the atrocities of the Muslim regime. As this evil is allowed to grow the only resource is to sever the head of the snake.

As Turkey continues its Islamization under Erdogan, it becomes increasingly hostile to Christians and Christianity. This fact should give pause to the fond and foolish purveyors of “Muslim-Christian dialogue” and Christian “outreach” to Muslims, but it won’t.

Source: JihadWatch

Islam Is The Enemy

My friends, the tenets of Islam and the call for the Caliphate are the Enemy of the world. Make no mistake about it, this evilness will only end in bloodshed. Whether we Americans stand and fight or give our necks for the sword.

The time to STAND UP is now!

Source: Suzanne Shattuck

Turkey: Large Muslim crowd prays in front of Hagia Sophia, demanding it become a mosque again

The Ottomans turned our Cathedral into a mosque, as they always do whenever they conquer lands, and we converted it to a museum to preserve it. Now they want to convert it back to a mosque. We say, convert it back to the Cathedral.

From 537, the year it was constructed, until 1453, when the Ottoman Empire conquered the city, Hagia Sophia served as an Eastern Orthodox cathedral and the seat of the Patriarchate of Constantinopole. It was turned into a mosque by the Ottomans before being secularized and converted to a museum in 1935.

Source: Jihad Watch

Islamopower: Meet the new Muslim PAC

The Muslim Brotherhood has culminated their political power into a new PAC, called Jetpac, Inc. The purpose of which is to get more Muslims elected to public office in U.S. cities and states, but an investigation into the founder’s background reveals ties to the extremist Muslim Brotherhood, which has been hard at work trying to influence American politics since the 1990s.

Jetpac founder Nadeem Mazen has ties to the Council on American-Islamic Relations. His goal is to get more Muslims elected to city, state and federal offices across the U.S.

WND, by Leo Hohmann April 23, 2017: A new organization called Jetpac Inc. is mobilizing to get more Muslims elected to public office in U.S. cities and states, but an investigation into the founder…

Source: Islamopower: Meet the new Muslim PAC