Guandolo: How Muslim Brotherhood Compromised the FBI & National Security

Go to Understanding the Threat and read today’s post, How Badly is The U.S. Government Penetrated by Terrorists? John Guandolo gave a very good talk last November for Brannon Howse on the sub…

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Coptic Christians Pelted With Rocks, Four Churches Closed as Government Treats Prayer ‘as a Crime’

Coptic Christians pelted with rocks (PHOTO: REUTERS/MOHAMED ABD EL GHANY)

The Minya security directorate has not yet commented on the statement from the Minya diocese. The government has vowed to protect Christians from violent Islamic attacks on a number of occasions, though Christians have complained that not enough is being done to secure their safety.

A number of families who have been forced to flee North Sinai said in a statement in May that they are “suffering” due to neglect.

“We are the families displaced from al-Arish to Port Said in February. We are living inside small rooms inside the youth camps and the aid building. We are suffering and none of the officials or the Port Said governor will listen to us,” the statement read at the time.

“As time passed, 28 families remained in the camps and aid buildings. Three months passed without any attention from the government or officials in Port Said. The governor then declared that there was a lack of residential houses to transfer the families to, in addition to a lack to jobs, which forced the martyr Nabil Saber to return to Arish, where he was killed — a message to every Copt thinking about returning.”

The statement came following a deadly attack by IS gunmen on a group of Copts traveling to a monastery in Minya, which left 29 believers dead and 24 others wounded.

Bishop Anba Angaelos of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the U.K. also recently condemned the killing of priests in Egypt, such as the fate of Samaan Shehta, who was murdered in Cairo by a suspected IS radical.

“While recognizing that anger may often open a path to hatred or resentment, there are times at which it is a natural expression of a human emotion, and reaction to a sense of deep injustice. I am sure that I am not alone in my anger, but that it is shared by every law-abiding person of any belief and indeed of none, who has witnessed this vicious and inhumane attack,” Angaelos wrote about the killing.

Source: The Christian Post

4 churches closed in October as if prayer is a crime: Archbishopric of Minya

The Coptic Orthodox Archbishopric of Minya governorate said on Sunday that four churches were closed during October, as if the prayer of Coptic Christians is a crime.

“We stayed silent for two weeks after the closure of a church hoping that the officials would do the job they were assigned to do by the state. However, this silence has led to something worse, as if prayer is a crime the Copts should be punished for. The Coptic Christians go to the neighboring villages to perform their prayers,” the Archbishopric of Minya said in a statement.

“What happened within two weeks, hasn’t happen over years; churches are closed, the Coptic Christians are being attacked and their property destroyed, and there is no deterrent. The bargaining and the balance are usually used under the name of peaceful coexistence. The Copts always pay the price of this coexistence, not the aggressors,” the statement said.

It continued “The reactions of officials are disappointing, and when there is any dispute or an attack, the first alternative is to close the church and put pressure only on the Copts with impunity for the aggressors.”

The statement listed the shut-down four churches as follows:

On October 15, the police closed the Church of al-Azraa (Virgin Mary) in the village of Sheikh Alaa in Minya city, which was attacked by extremists in 2015 and closed. Officials did not take any steps to reopen it. The Copts reopened and prayed it on October 15, but some people harassed the worshipers the same day, and it was closed again.

On October 22, the church of Anba Mousa in al-Qushairy village of Abu Qurqas city, was closed after months of worship. Extremists hurled stones at the place, injuring four Copts. None of the attackers was arrested, a reconciliation session was held between Copts and Muslims as usual, but still the church closed.

The third incident was in the Abu Sayfen church in the village of al-Karm. Muslims, according to the statement, did not complain about the existence of the church, but the officials closed it fearing a possible attack.

The fourth incident took place in the church of Mar Gerges (Saint George) in Ezbet Zakaria, where some tried to attack the place last Friday and then were confronted, one Coptic woman was injured.

At night perpetrators attacked the property of some Copts. On Saturday evening, some of the village elders and one of the MPs calmed the area, and police are still stationed there.

Edited Translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

Source: Egypt Independent

Islam Is The Enemy

My friends, the tenets of Islam and the call for the Caliphate are the Enemy of the world. Make no mistake about it, this evilness will only end in bloodshed. Whether we Americans stand and fight or give our necks for the sword.

The time to STAND UP is now!

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Half of Prominent Jihadis Tied to “Non-Violent” Islamism, New Study Shows

This reminds me of “you can take the city boy out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the boy”. It only follows that environment plays the major role here. When you are brought up from birth to hate the infidel why would you change to become peaceful?  Only taiqyya in my mind.

Half of the prominent jihadists profiled in a new study by The Centre on Religion & Geopolitics had ties to supposedly non-violent Islamists prior to joining terrorist organizations. The study’s authors – Mubaraz Ahmed, Milo Comerford, and Emman

Source: Half of Prominent Jihadis Tied to “Non-Violent” Islamism, New Study Shows

Western Christians Have No Excuse for Apathy, Ignorance and Silence

Yes, my brothers and sisters, why is it that our voices are silent?  The early Christian Church began in Egypt and the surrounding area. It has been overrun by the evil one whom disguises himself as Islam. Why are we so silent?

When it comes to the massacres of Middle East Christians, Westerners are as silent as Egypt’s churches this Easter Sunday.

Source: Western Christians Have No Excuse for Apathy, Ignorance and Silence

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Detroit: Muslim threatened to attack church for ISIS, US Attorney says “he lacks self-control”

We know we are in trouble when we have the local US Attorney is downplaying this incident. Whom are they appeasing? Obviously not the local Church, which thinks it has no voice. Obviously they are appeasing the Muslim community. This is one of the purposes of our group, American Christian Caucus. To be the voice and the “light on the hill” for the voiceless.

Yes, that is it, all right. Everyone who lacks self-control ends up sending beheading photos to family members and threatening to attack churches for the Islamic State, no? Don’t be a greasy Islamophobe. After all, he now he insists that “ISIS has nothing to do with Islam,” and since that is music to the ears of American authorities, he is likely to get off lightly. If he does, and turns out to have been practicing Muhammad’s dictum “War is deceit,” what will those who set him free quickly say then?

Source: Detroit: Muslim threatened to attack church for ISIS, US Attorney says “he lacks self-control”