What We Stand For

American Christian Caucus (ACC) is formed to advocate for ALL Christians under siege.

  • Defending our Christian way of life against any attack on the Christian Faith
  • Defending our Christian Family values

We promote Christian values, reviving the love of Christ in our lives.  Defending America against the demise of all anti-Christian Law.  We stand as defenders for the Christian Faith in America. Standing for the founders original Christian intent of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

We hold the Cross with Glory and passion as we center Christ in our daily work and Mission.

America is under attack

  • Radical progressive socialization
  • Removal of the Ten Commandments
  • Deteriorated family values
  • Promotion of radicalized song lyrics
  • Removal of religious values from schools
  • Removal of the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Removal of God from our daily life
  • Adrift from our moral identity
  • Blocking the demise of Sharia Law

Monitoring of politicians and responding to all anti-Christian views and positions

We are a Christian Watch group

I am against free radicals, I am an anti-oxident